November 6, 2018

UK immigration | UK businesses criticize delay

UK businesses have criticized the delay in Brexit immigration white paper by the government. It is a crucial document that will outline the UK immigration system after Brexit. They have said that this move by the government is highly disappointing.

The original schedule for the Brexit immigration white paper was actually 2017 summer. This will now not be revealed until the time the transition agreement with the EU is done, as quoted by the Guardian. It means that this will not be before early summer. This also implies till negotiations due in Brussels regarding EU immigrants’ rights after 2019 March. There will be less room for public debate over the options.

The Brexit immigration bill has also been assured in the speech by the Queen. This will now not get converted into law prior to the registration of the existing 3 million nationals of the EU. It is expected to commence by 2018 autumn.

UK ministers also face an urgent query in the House of Commons. It has been tabled by the House Affairs Committee Chairman Yvette Cooper. She termed the delay by the government as totally invalid.

Confederation of British Industry’s Deputy Director General Josh Hardie said that the delay will be highly disappointing to the UK businesses. They need time to plan for a transition. Thus many of the firms will be gravely dissatisfied over the delay in immigration white paper, he added. Giving clarity to the work rights of people in the UK is possible at least for the transition period, he said.

The government needs to display commitment with respect to the work rights of the people. These must not change for minimum 2 years from the EU exit date, said the Deputy Director-General.


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