February 28, 2018

Trade mission to India celebrates 70 years of NHS innovation

Demand for innovative healthcare solutions in the Indian healthcare system has never been higher. The 70 years of NHS innovation mission was designed to show examples of exciting new approaches, systems and services.


Healthcare in India

India’s healthcare market is estimated to grow to US$280 billion by 2020 according to KPMG. The government health service spends only 1.4% of GDP on healthcare service. The 4.7% of GDP spent on healthcare overall reflects the out of pocket expenditure most Indians make.

Private medications and services are provided by some excellent leading healthcare companies as well as a fragmented collection of smaller providers of varying quality.

Innovative healthcare solutions are needed due to:

  • the dramatic rise in non-communicable diseases (NCD’s), especially diabetes and heart disease
  • an ageing population

Healthcare UK mission

NHS Trusts and 11 UK healthcare companies took part in the mission, seeking commercial opportunities to work with the Indian healthcare industry. They were led by Sir Malcolm Grant, Chair of NHS England, Sarah Wilkinson, CEO of NHS Digital and Deborah Kobewka, Managing Director of Healthcare UK.

The 3 NHS trusts had innovative training and consultancy offers including:

  • a proton therapy school
  • cardio-thoracic robotic surgery
  • the 100,000 genomes project
  • a collaboration with Google’s Deep Mind

Deborah Kobewka said of the event:

This was remarkably successful mission, supported by our VIPs, where carefully selected UK companies and NHS Trusts had specific requests for their services from most of the Indian healthcare companies we met in the 3 cities

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