March 28, 2018

Sponsors of Tier 2 UK visas warned of winter delays

Sponsors of Tier 2 UK visas have been warned of winter delays as this category is used by employers to sponsor non-EU workers under the general visa categories. A report has been published by Personnel Today in this regard. It elaborates those applications for sponsorship of restricted certificates is not guaranteed success. These are required to apply for Tier 2 UK visas for workers who need to apply for a visa from overseas, as quoted by the Workpermit.

Sponsorship certificates are a proof that employers have verified that the job applicants are adequately qualified. This is with respect to the job for which they are being hired. It is also a confirmation of their eligibility for the Tier 2 UK visas.

Every month a limited number of COS are offered by the UK Home Office. The allocation was swiftly exhausted in the month of December 2017. It is expected that the ceiling for visas will again be exhausted quickly in the Q1- 2018.

Under the Tier 2 UK visas pathway, 20, 700 COS are offered annually. This cap is generally applicable for general workers who apply from outside the EU. These will earn lower than the income ceiling for the high earner. This is set at 159, 600 £ annually as of now.

The annual allocation of the 20, 700 COS is divided unevenly for each month. The fiscal year for allocations begins and ends in April to April. More numbers of COS are offered at the beginning of the year with a monthly allocation of 2, 200. By the month of September, the figure decreases to 1, 500 for every month. By February it reaches just 1,000 COS every month.


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