March 28, 2018

Reduction of migration to affect UK growth

Curtailing migration to the United Kingdom would, in all probability, reduce output and employment growth of the country, said an interim report commissioned by the UK government on 27 March.

The MAC (Migration Advisory Committee) report was quoted by Reuters as saying that reduced migration would in all likelihood cause a growth of total employment to plummet and reduce the growth of output.

In 2017, the British government ordered the report to aid it in designing an immigration system following Brexit in March 2019, as the independent advisory body asked the impact on the labour market to be evaluated after Britain leaves the European Union.

The first findings were based on proof received from over 400 industry bodies and businesses and no policy recommendations were made by the MAC. The final report is slated to be published in September.

The report also mentioned that many businesses don’t seem to ready for a modified and a tougher labour market which may see them vying with each other for workers more fervently than in the past, and yet many did not seem to be preparing for change.

The government by striking a negotiation deal with the EU to hold on to the benefits of membership of the EU and to let workers move freely until the end of December 2020 has bought time to come up with a new immigration system.

Anxiety over the economic and long-term social impact of immigration convinced the UK to vote to leave the EU in 2016, with the government aiming to reduce net migration into the UK below 100,000 eventually.

According to the British government, it was committed to having in place regulated and sustainable migration.

A Home Office (interior ministry) spokesman said that nationals of Britain want control of their borders, and after they exit from the EU, they would make sure that we will be able to regulate immigration to Britain from Europe, establishing a system which is in the best interests of the whole country.

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