February 28, 2018

Non-EU migrants arrived in the UK in 2017

285k  Non-EU migrants arrived in the UK in 2017 which was an increase of 26k over 2016. Thus, net immigration from the non-EU nations to the UK has surpassed the net immigration from the EU. The latest data for immigration numbers have been revealed by the UK Office for National Statistics.

The increase in arrivals of non-EU migrants is coupled with the large decline in immigration from the EU in 2017, elaborated the press release of the UK Office for National Statistics. The total arrival of EU nationals to the UK in 2017 was 220k. This was a decline of 47kwhen compared with 2016. 130k EU nationals left the UK in 2017 which was the highest exit level since 2008, as quoted by the Politico EU.

Powerful growth of the economy in the EU zone in the past 2-3 years may also be driving EU nationals to find a job in affinity to their home nations, added ONS.

Changing Europe the UK think tank Senior Fellow Jonathan Portes said that UK is becoming crucially less appealing to EU migrants. This could be one of the factors that could explain the slow growth of the UK when compared with the rest of the world and EU, he added.

British Chambers of Commerce Director General Adam Marshall said that businesses in every part of the UK are facing high shortages of skills. The decrease in the immigration levels from the EU for whatever reasons will only worsen the situation he added.

In November 2017, UK Office for National Statistics had reported record decline in the net immigration to the UK. The crucial factor in this decrease was the numbers of EU nationals leaving the UK it added.


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