February 28, 2018

Highly-skilled Indian experts pace up UK protests

Highly-skilled Indian experts have stepped up their  UK protests against the hostile immigration policies of the government. They have now collaborated with immigrants from other nations. It is being planned to hold a large protest in front of the UK parliament in this week.

The group Highly Skilled Immigrants represents almost 1,000 IT professionals, Engineers, Doctors, and Teachers from the nations outside the EU. It will unite immigrants from Africa and South Asia for one of the largest protest ever held, as quoted by the Times of India.

The experts along with their families will protest against the unjustified refusals and delays by the UK Home Office. It is with respect to the applications that they have submitted for UK ILR. They are mainly from India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Aditi Bhardwaj who is one of the organizers of the UK protests said that the numbers of immigrants joining the protest are increasing. This is more so as it becoming evident that they are being refused the right to stay and work in the UK devoid of any authentic grounds. These professionals had arrived in the UK through the General Tier 1 visa. They are entitled to apply for PR or ILR status after lawfully residing for 5 years in the UK, said Aditi.

The General Tier 1 visa category was used by several IT professionals from India. It was ended in 2010. However, the existing visa holders are eligible to apply for PR till 2018 April if they satisfy all the requirements.

It has been claimed by the Highly Skilled Immigrants group that 100s of cases are being refused applications based on a provision of the Immigration Act UK that deals with tax evaders and criminals.

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