November 6, 2018

Health Select Committee Enquires on UK Tier 2 Visa Holders

HSC (Health Select Committee) in the UK is enquiring regarding the ill-treatment of UK Tier 2 visa holders. It has urged all GPs from outside the EU to inform regarding deportation from the UK or delay in obtaining visas. This is with reference to UK Tier 2 Visa holders who have been hired by employers with Tier 2 sponsorship license.

The UK Health Select Committee has launched an investigation for the processes and systems for offering work rights to GPs outside the EU in the UK. It is also collating data to show the failure of processes and systems, especially for UK Tier 2 visa holders. The investigation follows the dialogue between the committee and Jeremy Hunt UK Health Secretary, as quoted by the Work permit.

Jeremy Hunt said in the letter to the Committee that the UK Department of Health is working in partnership with the Home Office. It will be ensured that the nation has the required supply of suitable, qualified and trained personnel.

The Health Secretary further elaborated that the current UK Immigration rules do permit GPs from outside the EU to work under UK Tier 2 visa. The foreign GPs can apply for this visa when there is no appropriate UK resident to take up the job.

Hunt also insisted that a GP from outside the EU will not be asked to exit the UK. This could happen only in a specific scenario. It includes expiry of current skilled worker visa, failure for timely renewal or cater to criterions specified for UK Tier 2 visa holders.

Health Select Committee has given its response to the letter of the Health Secretary. It said that the people have been asked to notify regarding circumstances that deviate from the set process. This is as per the specification outlined by the Secretary of State.

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