February 28, 2018

How To Acquire A Malaysia Work Permit

How to get work permit in Malaysia, Malaysia with various prominent living environments from outstanding beach resorts to Highlands acts a most preferred destination for immigrants across the world. At present, potential immigrants have even better reason to choose Malaysia for the purpose of work as the country offers exceptional career opportunities to foreign citizens. Conversely, overseas nationals should get a Malaysia Work Permit to enter and live in the nation.

Malaysia Work Permit:

If foreign nationals desire to work in Malaysia, they must get Malaysia Work Permit before their arrival to the country. Some applications of Malaysia work permit for Indians are accepted by the government of Malaysia. Malaysia encourages some overseas individuals to enter and work in Malaysia to boost the country economy.  The Malaysia work permit process is a bit length and complicated process, however, choosing right Malaysia work permit consultants makes the visa process hassle free.

Categories of Malaysian Work permits:

Malaysian government of has categorised has Malaysian Work permits into three types:

Professional visit pass:

This category is granted to overseas employees by an abroad firm but employed with a firm in Malaysia. This Malaysian Work Permit pass is appropriate for trainees, technical professionals and volunteers, which is valid for a period around six months.

Temporary Employment Pass:

This type Malaysian immigration work permit pass is shaped for semi-skilled and unskilled employees in diverse fields. The validity period of this visa is three years, and further, it can also be extended on a yearly basis.

Employment Pass:

This pass is particularly designed for people who would like to work in Malaysia with particular skills, usually in managerial and technical positions. Validity period for employment Pass is two years.


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